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Frezyderm Colic Relief Massage Gel 100ml


Colic Relief gel from Frezyderm providing instant relief without containing pharmaceutical substances. Gel consisting glycerin and emollient oils of almond, calendula and chamomile. Massaging the baby’s tummy with Frezyderm’s Colic Relief gel creates a warm sensation from the effect of simple friction to relieve colics.

Won the Platinum Award in the Gold Award in the Best Children’s Remedy category in Loved by Parents Awards 2017.

Dermatologically tested. It is suitable for homeopathic treatment and Colour and Preservative Free.

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How to Use

Apply the gel gently on baby's tummy using the palm of your hand. Try and move it down gently 5-6 times continuing with circular clockwise movements. Try and hold the baby's knees close to the chest to aid the release of trapped wind. Repeat as necessary.


Glycerin and emollient oils of Almond, Calendula and Chamomile

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